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Deejay Riley Verse
The world keeps spinning and my life keeps changing
seems like when I got it figured out it re arranges
but I'm only 17 feeling like I'm 35
so listening to me is like a word from the wise
you can look within a man and see the hurt within his eye
or look within the earth between the earth and the sky
and tell me you never wondered why you are alive
laying down at night I'm asking if there is a GOD
but faith is like a gift and my present hasn't arrived
and speaking of the present, tell me what the hell is time
cause the clock says now but we say it flies by
and everyone is holding on to happiness and hope
I guess it psychology a tactic used to cope
and everybody needs it like an addict needs dope
I said everybody needs it like the Catholics need a Pope
so everybody hold onto happiness and hope

I hope you can try and fly away
And have hope x3
I hope you can ride that wave away

ClockWork Cros Verse

I'm only 27 but I feel like 35
speedin through my life like I never heard of time
livin to the limit like I don't deserve to die
hopeless in my eyes, you see my worth up in disguise
I cant lie, at 7 I had hope to stay strong
staying ground but ain't a playground to play on
writing songs so long, I wonder where the day gone
at 17, rocked my hoody on like Trayvon
when everything seems wrong I'm holding onto luck
in pursuit of happiness and hope I'm only feeling stuck
get a penny for a thought they selling songs for a buck
so I turn my music up but it never seems enough
raps my sweet tooth, act like slugsworth cause I feel it
goin bonkers like I'm Wonka cause they tryin to steal my building
downin soda pop, watch me raise up to the ceiling
hope is disappearing like amber watching all our children,
its chillina


released July 24, 2013


all rights reserved



ClockWork Cros New York

Crosby is not a #brand. . . Crosby is an #artist. . .

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