from DOWNTOWN 85 by ClockWork Cros

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Produced by ZEPS

Engineered and Mixed By RaStyle & Kidde
@RaStyleMusic & @KiddeMusic


"IT'S TIME" Lyrics
So I'm cutting this head, someone who's dead
There looking at me, but nothing is said
I cut in there eye, replace it with time
Look and you'll find, just what I've designed
Making clocks is my grind, as hard as I try
They always remind me I'm out of my mind
I gotta work hard and stay on my job
Cause I'm my own boss, I'm ClockWork Cros
Is It Time?! Is It Time? Is It Time?
It's Time... (x4)
Now lets begin, the sound in my crib
The more that I make, the louder the tick
The icons I get and the figures I dig
Each eye that I slit, there faces don't winch
Just stare at me with those glares I'm convince
That I've become sick or that one of them blinked
I don't know which, but I do know this
That I don't do this so that I can get rich
Thank god that they say,
I got what it takes, with these clocks that I make
Before every tock I create,
Dials pop into place, on top of the face
With the drop of some tape,
It's not gonna break, in a box to keep safe
Every block in the state, every popular place
Any shop that I grace, Hello ClockWorks the name
Is It Time?! Is It Time? Is It Time?
It's Time... (x4)
There's counter weights lifting, while four faces twitching
Big Ben is ringing on top of Great Britain
I drop an edition without proper permission
They say I should stop but I'm not gonna listen
I'll stand in one spot like I grand father clock
Counting each second and hands on my watch
The man of the hour demands that it stops
But time is timeless so that it cannot
Minutes and hours can turn into years
Measured by golden hands, dials and gears
What got you here, won't get you there
A light year is five trillion miles from here
Listen a minute I'm kicking a hot verse
Think out the box, I'm making the box burst
My time is coming, I'd love to just drop first
Watch I'll get to the top like clockwork
Is It Time?! Is It Time? Is It Time?
It's Time... (x4)
It's Time! I add to the eye, my clockwork before the batteries die
It's Time! Address me as sir, like I'm her majesty's knight
It's Time! It had to be time, my lord, a sword for my adamant rhymes
It's Time! Holding my head so high the Queen'll need a ladder to climb
Dressed like a fresh knight, bless mics until I get ZEPS hype
Lets strike, whenever the time is right like a vet might
Yes! I, come back as father time in my next life
ClockWork Cros, signing out until next time
Is It Time?! Is It Time? Is It Time?
It's Time... (x4)


from DOWNTOWN 85, released March 12, 2012


all rights reserved



ClockWork Cros New York

Crosby is not a #brand. . . Crosby is an #artist. . .

1.ARTIST: #recording "music" & #fine "clocks"

2.DIRECTOR: #film "video" & #fashion / #graphic "design"

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