"Yonkers Like The Bronx Is" Freestyle

by ClockWork Cros

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Recorded at Krystal Clear Recording in NYC.

Engineered and Mixed By Fokeezy

Mastered by Julian Goddard

Produced By Tyler, the Creator

Photo Courtesy Of Demian J Faulkner

Special Thanks To OFWGKTA!



"Yonkers Like The Bronx Is" Freestyle Lyrics

I'm fuckin walkin a flipin coin, liftin off
gettin tossed, cause in my Future there isnt Odds
I dont believe in Law of Attraction
or making Rap song Rappin just to cause a Reaction
so why would I ever dare care how I'm Comin Off
like all the Old heads were Told to put the Youngin On
I might be more scare if they Looked Hood
but how I Look being Shook of kids who Push Wood
the Hell that they Bring. Tell me I'm Telli from Kids
When my Celly a Ring all the kids Fell from they Swing
Not that Never Wilded I think I got a Better Style
cause the raps in my songs touch kids like Pedophiles
I Might Jack a Nice Rap or a nice Melody
I Might Jack a Nice Instrumental and try to Sell the Beat
I might act Jewish to get a free trip to Tele Vie
Dont give an F I got an F in school like a Felony
and all that Pschyo Shit died when Micheal Did
so I dont know why anyone would want to Recycle it
Bitin it, get more than You Could Chew
Hit em so fast I dont know what more that They Could Do
And all the talk shows in the World Now couldn't sit em Down
the Lawn Mower Man whenever I get in Town
I'm from the Big Rotten City, where the girls Think there Pretty
where my Best Friend is Metal and hes Bringing Bodys with me
but I dont Live Life Like its Shitting. I Live Life Like I'm Dead
Can't sleep at night. wondering why I even have a Bed
and all this Hot Air they fillin me with is Startin to Swell
and its getting Harder to get my Shirts over my Head
I Dwell deeper than your darkest Secret, the Wolf Sleepin
Waitin to wake up and eat all the Sheople
I think I think too much I'm probably gone Snap
even my Doctor told me I gotta just Relax
label told me I gotta Lotta Pizzaz
and if I Dance I get Candy and Advance
Why'd he Do That? is that some classic Boom Bap?
watch me Soon Snap, so everybody Move Back
think I'm a Cool Cat? cause I kick a Few Raps
Where the Rules At? I'll paint my Room Black
turn the lights off and say Flame On
until my Parents think I'm tryin to have a Séance
My girl blames out problems on whatever I Say Wrong
but if she think she can help me then shes Way Off
O Fuck there all Broke with No Luck
O Shucks they like Girls that looked like there Doped Up
it took about an hour after you Broke Up
for you to find another girl hook up and Go Nuts
it seems like it happens as soon as you Make Up
like you get back together just to Break Up
it can get Darker so you gotta get Smarter
the more Money you get I heard it gets Harder
I hope its as Hard as it Gets.. after Pausin that Shit
these kids all Hangin it up and Calling it Quits
every group has Problems and starts Fallin to Bits
like Plastic Melting...or Classic Everyone'll Forget
Thinkin out the Box just got me Boxed In...
so Fuck that Shit...I'm just going Yonkers like Bronx is...


released June 23, 2011


all rights reserved



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